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Job is Not the Model For Suffering.

From the Desk of Our Founder There are three misconceptions about the story of Job: 1. Job handled suffering well 2. If you handle suffering well, God will reward and restore you 3. God causes suffering to teach you a lesson If we recap the full story, the plot deepens to reveal something quite humbling about Job and most of mankind. Most of us are familiar with the story, though, right? Job is Named Righteous. He suffers severe loss and hardship. He has questions about God, but seems to handle it fairly well. Then, a little bit before you stop reading, Job falls silent. Soon, we're in a relevant spew of despair and emotions and Job entirely pleads his case to God and his friends who sorely lack empathy. The story becomes especially curious when a young, wise man called Elihu starts talking in chapter 38 and then God Himself speaks. Unexpectedly, our hero Job finds himself rebuked by a younger peer, rebuked by God, and turning his way to repentance before experiencing the great restoration that we rave about. Questions:

  • If Job was truly blameless the entire story, for what reason did he receive rebuke?

  • If Job wasn't truly righteous, why was he then restored?

  • Is it possible that most of us are more like Job that we think?

  • What is the reward for righteousness? If any?

We answer these questions during the 4-part series On Faith and Suffering: Freedom From Religion with a central thought: Job isn't the model for suffering, Jesus is. This series is included in El Roi Program for Mental and Spiritual Wellness. Upgrade your membership now or purchase your tickets to reserve your seat.

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