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The Fight of Your Life

From the Desk of Our Founder You're a fighter...

But here's what's wrong with the "strong woman" narrative. It creates an idea that "Because I am strong, I should be the one to bear a weight even if it is not my load to carry." It grooms you into believing, "Because I am a fighter, I should draft into wars that inevitably end with casualties." Because strength and resilience is expected of me, I don't even realize what parts of myself have lost vitality or come utterly close to death. You can't be at war all the time. You are a fighter, sure. You were designed to fight and win, yes. But you don't look for, expect, or sense the need for safety. Safety makes you human and preserves your life. Here's what you need to know about Safe Spaces here at Flamingo:

  • Safe Spaces are meetings and support group sessions offered to non-members or users with a Basic Membership.

  • Safe Spaces create access to targeted support information with low, short term commitment.

  • Safe Spaces are limited capacity. Attendees can give a donation of a self-determined amount at registration.

Though Safe Spaces are available to the public, they included in second and third tier site member offerings. Still interested? It's not too late to become an El Roi Member. Upgrade now. P.S. Check out this 3-week career support group is specifically designed to help performing arts and entertainment professionals.

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Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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