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Flamingo Trauma Recovery is a New York-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides mental health education and therapy access to marginalized communities and members of the Christian faith. We serve women of all backgrounds and empathize with women who are curious about starting a mental health journey that honors Christ, includes Christ, and strengthens their reliance on Christ. Read our Declaration of Beliefs

This organization is a bridge to ease the trial and error that comes with entering therapy, finding the right therapist, and navigating the spiritual journey that impacts every person's reality. After you are empowered with information, self-understanding, community and a strong biblical foundation, our hope is that you can navigate your mental health journey feeling empowered to make the best decisions for you.



Flamingo launched in October 2020 with three small book clubs communities and then expanded in 2021 with our 16-week pilot program. That program featured 8 therapist-led sessions, 4 sessions on "Faith and Suffering", 6 Culture and Mental Health sessions, and personal deliverance sessions for each participant. 7 out of 9 participants completed the program and 3 out of 4 eligible participants entered therapy funded by the organization. 


We ran the 16-week program for two cohorts in partnership with therapists across the nation. 7 out of  9 participants completed the program and 2 out of 4 eligible participants entered therapy funded by the organization. With the help of donations and founder contributions, we have been able to allocate $2,600 toward therapy relief funds.


In the year 2022, we revamped our 16-week program, amped up our member benefits to include The Well group coaching and discipleship, self-care kits, spiritual counseling, spaces for survivors of sexual assault and other premium benefits.


Many members started or continued their journeys with book clubs, spiritual counseling or other programming. 


Now, we want to go further and do more with merging mental health and faith for those who are looking for therapy access and mental health education. That means: more book clubs, more therapy sponsorships, more deliverance ministry and more programming. It also means Spiritual counseling, employing in-house mental health professionals and building a team that provides support in more ways than Flamingo has ever done before. 


What we need right now is volunteers, grant writers, and mental health advocates who are eager to use their gifts to support the cause. 

Mental Health Church LiaIson


Conscious Coore is a daughter of God, a wife, mother, author, deliverance minister and founder of Flamingo Trauma Recovery. Conscious has served in public education and deliverance ministry for eight years and in 2020, she began writing, teaching and training on the intersection of psychology and deliverance ministry. By Gods grace, she has helped many people to pursue a life of health with God and gain an authenticated awareness of His goodness.

Conscious has authored books that explore the nuances of journeying through faith, purpose, and mental/emotional hardship while illuminating the glory that is revealed out of suffering. She serves her family from day to day and serves her church. Flamingo Trauma Recovery is an extension of her private life with God and her community. For this reason, Flamingo Trauma Recovery emphasizes community, education, counseling, demonstration and resources for exploring the intersection of therapy, science, faith and Christian Spirituality. 

Learn more about the founder


Conscious Coore

M.A.T., B.A. Psych |  Founder


Your donation goes toward therapy access funds, program operation, and giving back to our community.

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There are tools everywhere, but everyone needs a teacher. This role is for teachers who are fluent in The Gospel, Deliverance, Grace, Mental Health, Safety and Human Pain.


 Service providers who lead at least one paid session on a mental health topic have an increased chance of gaining a client through the program.



We are looking for professionals and students who are strong advocates for mental health and want to help pioneer a culture of wellness both in and outside of the church. Are you in?

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Flamingo Trauma Recovery is bringing continuity between mental health and faith by merging services like therapy, group counseling, support groups, and deliverance ministry to make healing affordable and accessible to the communities in need. Our curriculum is designed to support recovery from traumas of childhood, transition, and religious confusion with licensed providers and curated spaces to discuss the frustrations of suffering and how the journey intersects with faith. We support individuals who are looking to start or advance in their healing journey but have been plagued by a lack of resources and/or the cultural stigma around mental illness within the black community. We are responding to the mental health disparities for black women who are at greater risk for Major Depression but are half as likely to seek out professional help compared to the white population. After programming, we hope to connect participants to female providers of color who can relate to them culturally, and help them segue into a practice of receiving individualized therapy or counseling. 

Eventually, Flamingo Trauma Recovery will serve men of color and children to further change the stigma surrounding mental health, educate communities of faith on relevant issues, and develop teams who are prepared to help others who are experiencing mental health crises.​

Our Vision

Flamingo Trauma Recovery addresses socioeconomic, cultural, and religious barriers that prevent people of color, particularly women, from living an abundant and healthy life. Our agenda is to remove the barrier of financial hardship by offering sponsorships to qualifying participants to see a therapist of their choice. We address cultural barriers that ostracize women of faith that recognize a need for inner healing and shames them for not enduring significant levels of trauma in silence and humility. We address religious barriers by revisiting harmful doctrine that creates a destructive narrative about suffering, ostracizes those who identify with their suffering, and demonizes medical need for mental health care.​

Our Reason

The Church Of Jesus Christ has a right and responsibility to be vocal in conversations on healing, mental wellness, deliverance, and its connection to the Gospel. Our mission is to bring continuity between mental wellness and faith by merging mental health services, The Gospel, and deliverance to make healing affordable and accessible to communities that don’t have it.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

Proverbs 13:12



Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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