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Meet with the founder of Flamingo Trauma Recovery to learn more about Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention™ and what it could mean for you

In this webinar, you will


  • Learn what Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention™ is and why training and certification is right for you

  • Learn about the certification and accreditation details

  • Hear from students of the course and training

  • Get an overview of content and materials



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Spiritual Intervention provides support to individuals seeking relief from the issues of the soul through inquiry-based direction and demonstrative intercessory work. Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention™ allows practitioners to provide holistic care that aligns with Biblical principles without producing harm or re-traumatization attached to religious trauma. Read the Brochure


Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention™ helps individuals who likely adhere to Christian spirituality and want to explore its intersectionality with their life and mental health. The trauma-informed approach acknowledges that spiritual intervention without the intentional practice of multi-level care often creates power dynamics and harmful strategies to shape a person’s worldview primarily by judgment, or by force or coercion.


With this training, professionals within the psychology workforce and care industry will be equipped to handle the nuances that affect clients who want more faith-integrated holistic care and invite safe discussions about God, healing, and deliverance through Jesus.


Participants will be able to demonstrate:

  • Learn how to create spiritually safe spaces through inquiry-based direction

  • Understand general principles regarding doctrine, spiritual engagement and warfare  

  • Learn practical strategies for assessing and responding to spiritual needs  

  • Support clients through faith construction and deconstruction of harmful religious beliefs 

  • Become confident with supporting clients whose physical and mental needs intersect with spiritual ones


Course Delivery

The course will be delivered through a combination of live and pre-recorded lectures, applied training, interactive discussions, role-playing exercises, and reflective assignments. Participants will have access to additional resources, including reading materials, video demonstrations, and peer support forums.



Participants will be evaluated through written assignments, applied training, and a final exam that applies the principles learned in the course to a real-world scenario.


By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate trauma-informed care with spiritual sensitivity, fostering healing and resilience in those they serve.


Trainees have the opportunity to complete the requirements of their certification with pre-recorded and live sessions. Most sessions are are offered twice per quarter of the year with the exception of Sessions 4 & 5, being offered once per quarter

Session 1: Live sessions in January, May, September

Session 2: Live sessions in February, June, October

Session 3: Live sessions in March, July, November

Session 4 & 5: Live sessions in April, August, December

Applied Trainings: Offered the first Saturday of each month 

Additional opportunities to meet the requirements will be communicated in the TISI group and updated in the organization calendar.



See you soon!



Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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