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We've all been the woman at The Well before.

Navigating life, faith, and that tug-of-war between one's inner most desires and the "perfect will of God". We are at times torn between loving God, loving others, and loving ourselves.

At The Well, we soberly and honestly acknowledge the whims and challenges that impact women in the Christian faith. We find safety in community without fear of acknowledging the many different (and sometimes damaging) things that our souls long for.

We acknowledge fears - especially the ones that leave us thirsty for answers.

We are busy, often may be distracted by duties, so there remains thirst as a symptom of not visiting the Well quite as often as we need to


...or perhaps forgetting to expect Jesus when we get there 

...perhaps not expecting Him to have anything to say to us. 

Image by Philipe Cavalcante

The Well is where thirst is quenched and we gain satisfaction as we continue to learn "Who God is" in spite of precedents set by family and other worldly experiences. 

This gathering space supports women who are seeking a journey of healing that reveals God, His purposes and His will.

We realize that trauma jades judgement and filters our perception of self and purpose. Worship in Spirit and in truth, however, is to worship in a state of nakedness. 

At The Well, we ask the real questions:

What is truly going on in this soul? What is my true need? Can I worship and acknowledge my own thirst?


Trauma Informed God: 7-Day devotional begins with a brief history of trauma and the origin of trauma-informed principles as a launchpad to understanding the various triggers that can disturb the healing process. Each day covers one of seven principles of trauma-informed care and reveals God as the Great Physician, with great compassion for the wounded. Read, journal, and pray for the next several days as you meditate on scriptures that demonstrate the Lord's approach to healing and how to receive it through relationship and prayer.


​The Well is an exclusive coaching group for women to ask hard, but practical questions and explore the Bible with a comprehensive understanding of the Gospel. This group is for women who:

  • seek empowerment through understanding

  • often feel torn between loving God, loving others and loving themselves

  • deeply desire to be understood

The Well is for women who have an imperfect past, but are ready to meet and know more of Jesus. 


​The "Everyday Self-Care" kit is delivered to your door to support your routine of daily self-care and self-love. 

With your Gold Membership, you learn how to prioritize yourself in practical, God-glorifying ways as worthy daughters of The King. For women who:

  • struggle to feel loved and lovable

  • struggle with self-worth

  • feel guilty about self-prioritization

Everything packaged in your "Everyday Self-Care" kit is purchased from black-owned, woman-owned businesses and selected to expose you to the luxury that you are worthy of. 

Spiritual Counseling is a one-on-one supplemental service with Founder/CEO Conscious Coore powered by Coore Values Deliverance ministry. Spiritual Counseling supports your healing journey in tandem with any form of clinical counseling. 

With your Flamingo Premium membership, you can schedule up to two sessions for Spiritual Counseling every month for as long as you are a member. 

For women who may:

  • feel stuck in the healing journey after exploring other forms of counseling or therapy

  • have conflicts with their faith and need to resolve and move forward with understanding

  • seek to understand biblical principles and their relevance to mental health

  • desire to unpack elements of the past and uncover roots to present challenges

  • want to develop new schemas or thought patterns regarding daily living and faith

  • be interested in learning about and receiving Deliverance


With your Flamingo Premium membership, each member anniversary comes with a therapy voucher to use within the next 12 months of your membership. Each year, you can redeem up to 12 weeks worth of therapy. Just tell your therapist to bill us.


For women who:

  • want to have a longterm annual mental health plan in place

  • who struggle to prioritize therapy as a current financial necessity

  • who like to plan ahead financially  

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Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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