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I wanted to create a space where women of color could go with their pain. Flamingo Trauma Recovery is designed to help families to heal and also embrace the intercessory work of mental health professionals.


Healing comes in many effective forms, but without knowledge of the resources and tools that are available, the healing that we deserve may never be fully experienced. 

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Conscious Coore
B.A. Psy, MAT

What is the primary benefit that you have received from our program?

"I have a better understanding of and a new perspective on mental health, my relationship with myself, and boundaries. It has made me excited to keep exploring those things without it seeming as daunting anymore. And I’m even more hopeful if God’s presence in the process!" - G.B.

"I think I primarily benefited from a new perspective of God. Prior to this program, I had seen Him as less than concerned about my struggles. But I really feel like He used this program to help me lean into His strength when I am going through difficulty." - C.T.

"I was able to do a lot of reflecting and change the way I interacted with the Bible and my mental health." - M.S.

"Coping strategies that complement and uplift the Word of God" - K.M.

"Community, Insight, spiritual Healing and coping mechanisms." - H.B.

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Compared to previous experiences with therapy, is our program quality better, worse, or about the same? Explain.

"Better - loved the varied perspectives and topic areas - alternating between clinal and cultural"  - K.M.

"Better because I get to explore the expectations God has for us as his children and I get to ask questions about the false perceptions we may have." - S.M.

"It’s so much better. I think leading through education has been way more helpful than what I’d describe as the standard method of counseling. In my previous experience, I’d talk about my issues, then the therapist would give a type of diagnosis with strategies to cope. I’d say I’ve really benefited from this program’s approach. I was taught about various topics, and was able to reflect on how they might apply to my own life." - C.T.

What would you say to someone who asked about us?

"You need to be part of this program to propel your healing process and to understand your identity more fully." - D.C.

"The groups held are informative, supportive and welcoming." - S.M.

"I would tell them that this program is critical to gaining a basic understanding of how life’s issues can challenge our mental health." - C.T.

"Definitely worth it! While this cannot replace individual therapy, there is immense value in doing group sessions- it helps you see things in a new perspective, not only because you learn from your peers but also because all the presenters have their own flair. This also helps give you a better idea of what you would need from a therapist once you start searching for one. The topics were very thoughtful, and I appreciated being able to learn even for those that I didn’t think were directly needed for my personally (while also being pleasantly surprised that some topics were more relevant to me than I thought they would be!)" - G.B.

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How did this program compare to your expectations? 

"It provided a space to reflect on not just my experience, but on the experiences of others. The quality of teaching and sharing was great." - D.C.


"I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I’m glad my daughter recommended this for me."  - I.M.

"The program did a very thorough job in integrating faith and therapy." - S.M.

"It has completely blown my mind. I was learning something new every session, and fostered a good relationship with the educators and the other women in the group. Not to mention how FIRE the Faith & Suffering sessions were!" - C.T.

What did you like most about Flamingo Trauma Recovery? 

"The alternating structure and topics covers." - K.M.


"The wonderful differences that are present in each call. When it comes to women in the group, the educators, the personal stories, where everyone is on their journey. It's refreshing and it makes me feel like I'm not alone." - A.S.

"The set-up with the variety of presenters and styles, as well as the fact that it was all in group. It made a for a truly special and unique experience. I’m so grateful and blessed to have been a part of it!" - G.B.

"I loved that it was truly a safe space. I didn’t feel like I had to put on a mask or perform, but could learn and grow with other women in the program. I never felt judged for my questions, and appreciated how every educator/host took time to answer them. I even enjoyed when session ran kind of long, because I was absorbing so much new information that I had never heard before!" - C.T.

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Confident Woman
Image by Omar Lopez

Any additional comments regarding the Deliverance training sessions?

"This was a phenomenal opportunity the dedication of Conscious is admirable and shows the work of the Father in her service to teach and empower women in deliverance ministry. I was honored to be apart and learned so much, which means I still have lots to learn :) But I have a gained a Godly confidence to be led by the spirit that God may get the glory when ministering deliverance.."  - N.H.

"AMAZING. ENRICHING. BEST EVER. Praise God for this class. Learned a lot. This year God said He was breaking down my whole house and rebuilding my foundation and I'm thankful that He led me to your class. I mean it when I say this class was an answered prayer. May God bless you tremendously. In Jesus name. Amen." - X.D.

"it was really good,. thank you to you and your husband for taking the time , which is literally the biggest investment to do this! I have learned so much and I am grateful."  - D.M.



Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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