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Flamingo Trauma Recovery bridges the gap between mental health and faith to confront and heal traumas that stem from childhood, life transitions and religious confusion. We do this by offering educational programs, personal deliverance sessions, topic-specific groups, and therapy sponsorships. 


In this space, we ask hard (but practical) questions and explore the intersection of therapy, science, faith, and Christian Spirituality.

This platform is for women who:

  • seek truth and understanding about God, mental health, and mental illness

  • may feel torn between loving God, loving others and loving themselves

  • deeply desire to be understood

  • want access to therapy and therapist-led spaces

  • desire to be trauma-informed in their practice or faith-based organizations​


Learn more about who we are.

Pink Living Room

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New York, NY 10031

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Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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