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3 Misconceptions about ✨ Worthiness ✨

Been thinking about what it means to be worthy... to feel worthy... to walk worthy. It's actually quite simple.. and amazing. 1. You can "feel good about yourself" and still struggle to see yourself as deserving or worthy. 2. Worthiness is not tied to what you do, it's tied to who you are... (redeemed, loved, important, etc.) 3. The things you enjoyed (or longed for) as a child factor into what you believe you deserve or are worthy of. When we think about self-love and self-care, one of the first things that is challenged is what you consider yourself worthy of. How much is too much? When is enough enough? This month marks the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2022 and we are here to remind you that self-care is important. There is a difference between loving yourself and being lovers of yourselves. Join the Me-First challenge and watch the live broadcast to learn how self-care and worthiness are connected.

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Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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