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Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention Group

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New Blog: Holistic and Holy: Reclaiming What "Spiritual" Means

Last week, I posted a reel on IG about why New Age Practices are so widely used in holistic health

If you didn't see it, no worries - I'll rehash it here, but what I want you to really think about is why Christians have allowed the occult to own the word "spiritual". When Jesus and various figures in the Bible refer to what is spiritual, they don't always indicate "what kind of spiritual" they are referring to. Largely because the context is apparently clear, but also because there is a confident assurance that God's sovereignty, powerful demonstrations and all that is true will clarify the use of the word. Read

New Blog: Spiritual Safety in this New Age

In our last issue of The Monthly Tea, we talked a little bit about the importance of safety.

The significance of the work that we do is not just the merging of mental health and faith, but also the merging of a safe and sound understanding of humanity and divinity. For clarity's sake, there is a difference between divinity and divination.

New Blog: 5 Reasons Local Churches Don't Do Deliverance Ministry

***Just because Deliverance Ministry is not happening at your local church, does not mean it’s not happening. It also does not mean that members in your local church aren't creating spaces for deliverance ministry. Deliverance happens in homes, on sidewalks, in cars, etc. The Church - the manifestation of God's people in the earth - is doing deliverance ministry EVERYWHERE.

But this post is specifically about what is happening in church buildings everywhere.

New Blog: Is it a Demon? Or Do I Just Need Therapy?

Last week, I shared a post on Instagram in response to our most frequently asked question: "I have an issue... but is it a demon? Or do I need therapy?"

One of the things that we get to educate the world on at Flamingo Trauma Recovery is the powerful overlap of deliverance ministry and therapy. In the video, I talked about how sometimes, the struggle we face is a demonic power that we have yet to confront, while other times, it is the result of a process that we have yet to pursue.


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