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Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention Group

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It is impossible to attempt to make a person whole or complete without being "Trauma-Informed. Often people go into "Deliverance Ministry" or even a deliverance session with their own goals and beliefs. Never even considering the person as an individual with their own beliefs and personal trauma. In this Module, one of the statements that gave me pause was. "the trauma-informed approach doesn't restrict the flow of the power of God. It honors people and thereby glorifies God." I want to honor people and glorify God. I want them to feel loved and respected. I truly experience genuine joy when people are freed from anything related to the kingdom of darkness.

It breaks my heart to see people mishandled or abused. I have seen some ministers rush pass people's pain as if it as no power or hold over them. I have heard people being told to forget about all that, as if they could erase their life's story. I have even had those very same things done to me. Those method don't work. We can never be so determined to impose our will and beliefs on people that we neglect the "six main principles of trauma-informed care," that are explained in Module 3. Every client must feel safe to share their beliefs and I don't have to be 'heard" or right" for them to be ministered to by Holy Spirit. I should work in partnership with Holy Spirit trusting that He knows what is right and needed by every person He allows me to encounter for deliverance ministry.

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Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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