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Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention Group

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This communication includes important information about the Module 3 Milestone assignment and materials.

Milestone Assignment

Module 3 on Trauma-Informed Care is a milestone segment of the Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention program. This means that the assignment associated with this module must be reviewed before you can advance to the last two modules on Identity and Intercessory Responsibility.

To continue progressing through your program, please ensure that you complete and submit the Module 3 writing assignment before the first live broadcast of Module 4.

Updated Module

The latest version of the module 3 text on Trauma-Informed Care is available for viewing on Thinkific. This updated version includes similar information in your Safe and Sound manual but with much more emphasis on the role and importance of safety. Additionally, you may find more nuanced descriptions of how to implement trauma-informed spiritual care in your practice.

Modules 1 through 3 have already been updated to reflect the latest version excerpts from the Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention textbook. While you have free digital access to this resource, you might find the physical textbook a great resource for the Inquiry-Based Direction practicum and post-certification. (See previous email, subject line: Enhancements to Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention Certification Program)


Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention will be exclusively available to currently enrolled students at the wholesale price of $17.96 (plus tax + shipping) on July 31, 2024. 

Comment: 'I'd like to preorder'  to receive a special link allowing you to purchase your copy and have it shipped on this exclusive early release date.

Reach out with any questions or concerns!

Conscious Coore

"I'd like to pre-order"



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