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Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention Group

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Something new is happening at Flamingo Trauma Recovery! (Well, not entirely new.)

If you’ve been part of any previous educational programs about deliverance ministry (particularly, last year’s Trauma-Informed Deliverance) this group has been repurposed to start growing a community of curious intercessors who are looking to go deeper in the love and power of counseling and deliverance ministry. This group will be updated monthly with blog posts, but the wall is always open for questions, sharing experiences, and following up on things shared in the Trauma Informed Spiritual Intervention certification program.

More information about that certification track is at but you’ll get everything you need to know here. Whether or not you’re in the certification program, this group will be a resource of enrichment to you!

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Looking forward to road ahead with this group!


This group will be updated monthly with blog posts, but the ...




Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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