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Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention Group

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New Blog: 5 Reasons Local Churches Don't Do Deliverance Ministry

***Just because Deliverance Ministry is not happening at your local church, does not mean it’s not happening. It also does not mean that members in your local church aren't creating spaces for deliverance ministry. Deliverance happens in homes, on sidewalks, in cars, etc. The Church - the manifestation of God's people in the earth - is doing deliverance ministry EVERYWHERE.

But this post is specifically about what is happening in church buildings everywhere.

1. Many church leaders and shepherds have not received deliverance or have had bad experiences and teaching around it.

We have to remember that pastors and church leaders are people too. Every one of them has a history that they may never share from the pulpit, especially if parts of their history aren't particularly edifying.

Consider this fact: Confusing or traumatizing experiences

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