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Heartsick Virtual Book Club (Open)

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Welcome to our group Heartsick! This is a judgement free zone and dedicated space for women discovering the connections between childhood, disappointment, and faith.

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Deon Melody
Deon Melody
4 days ago · joined the group.
Rashida Davis
Rashida Davis

Hello @Everyone!!! It was so good to see the faces of those who were able to make it today. I loved learning more about you and your stories. It makes me even more excited to walk this healing journey with you! For those who could not make it, you were missed and I wanted to let you know we will meet again April 16th at noon cst and will be discussing our reflections on pages 1-13 of the book. Love y'all!

Conscious Coore
Rashida Davis
Rashida Davis

Hey @Everyone !!! I cant wait to see you all tomorrow at noon CST! Tomorrow will be a meet and greet so no need to have anything read or prepared.

Here is the zoom link:

And I also wanted to give you all a friendly reminder to order your books if you have not already done so. See you tomorrow!


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Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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