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Heartsick Thursdays at 7pm

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Blessings sisters! What an amazing time meeting and getting to know one another. We are already off to an amazing start! Plz read thru the following so we can be on the same page.

Per our conversation here are some reminders of what we discussed:

♡ everything is 100% confidential

♡ It may be helpful to have a journal dedicated just to this book and the prayers and thoughts you will process through this journey

♡ we are going to meet every other Thursday from 7 to 9pm (latest) Please make every effort to honor this time so we can start each session together in prayer and in one accord through the Spirit.

♡ plan on making Thursdays your day for you even when we don't meet. Reread a chapter - pray over a situation - whatever it is let this time be set aside for your healing and time with the Lord

♡ Be kind to yourself as we process and dig through things that may have been repressed for a while. Maybe create a post call routine that allows you to rest and not ruminate over what we talk about. (IE - When I get triggered/emotional I find it hard to sleep - I will be creating a nighttime routine to try and circumvent that)

♡ let those in your home know that you are doing heart work and may need a little more quiet time than usual (at least on Thursdays). Set the expectation and communicate your planned routines with them so they can support you in it.

♡♡♡ my husband and are attending the Sowers Summit in NY on Sept 19.

Currently I arranged the sessions so our last would be 9/5 however, we can also meet the 12th if necessary, but that will be the last Thursday I have available until Oct.

With this in mind please review the outline attached. Plz let me know if I missed anything or if you have a suggestion that may work better.

So grateful to the Lord to be on this journey with you. Believing for breakthrough, healing and deeper understanding so we can heal generations of wounds in Jesus name.

Love you ladies ♡

BookClub HeartSick June thru Sept 2024 pdf
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