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Heartsick Thursdays at 7pm

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Hi there everyone! So excited that you have joined Heartsick book clubs!! Just three quick notes to help you prepare for your meetings.

  1. Download the app so that you’re not missing updates or reminders about your group. You don’t want to miss a meeting! And if you do, we don’t want it to be because you missed any updates.

  2. There are no reading pages required for the first meeting, but you do want to go ahead and order your copy of Heartsick from

  3. Invite someone! Heartsick book club will bring up so many relevant topics and thoughts, you’re going to want to share the experience with someone else between meetings. You can invite them to join the book club by forwarding this link:

Lydia King
Anamaria  Mercedez

Looking forward to meeting everyone this Thursday at 7pm (Est)

Topic: HeartSick BookClub (Every Other Thursday)

Time: This is a recurring meeting - every other Thursday from 7 to 9pm

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Anamaria  Mercedez

Super Excited to embark on this journey together 💕💕

Anamaria  Mercedez
Lydia King

Blessings sisters!

Excited for the season of healing we are entering into. Part of that healing for me has been in the area of identity (in every aspect)

I recently heard this conversation and thought it would be fitting to share.

Anamaria  Mercedez


Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...




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