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Baton Rouge Book Club - Louisiana (Closed)

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Conscious Coore
11 hours ago · added a group cover image.
  • See you all tonight at 6pm! 🎉❤️📚

    Meeting ID: 812 8169 8311

    Passcode: Recover

  • Hello ladies and Happy Saturday!! Tomorrow is the day: 🎉OUR FIRST BOOKCLUB MEETING!! 🎉 Although tomorrow may not go as deep as some of our future meetings will, I am just as excited!! 😊😊 If you haven’t had a chance to get your book 📚, I will post a pdf copy of Heart Sick so that you and I can begin to familiarize ourselves with it 🥰

    Last, but certainly not least, the link for our virtual meetings is: 💻☺️💜

    I am so excited to see each and every one of you again and to have you all meet each other! Until tomorrow 🌼

  • Narly Nunez
    August 13, 2021 · joined the group.
  • Bethany Davis


    Welcome to my BR bookclub! We are a sisterhood of ladies who...



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