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Spiritual intervention by way of deliverance ministry is a single-session option available for free to all members. Start intake for deliverance ministry here or learn more about how spiritual counseling can be transformative solution for you and your journey. 

Spiritual Counseling provides support to individuals who are seeking relief from the issues of the soul. I help individuals who are navigating Christian spirituality and it’s impact on their mental health journey. Sessions with a certified Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention practitioner may last for up to 12 weeks or beyond, depending on your regimen and needs.  

Start with a

Spiritual Counseling


Spiritual Counseling can be a good option for those who:

  • Feel stuck in the healing journey 

  • Feel compelled to deconstruct their understanding of the Christian faith

  • Seek to understand biblical principles and their relevance to mental health

  • Desire to unpack elements of the past and uncover roots to present challenges

  • May be interested in learning about and receiving Deliverance


How it Works

What is the difference between Spiritual Counseling and Clinical Therapy?

  • Clinical therapy provides the opportunity to evaluate the impact that beliefs, personality and experiences have on the physiological person with interventions and treatments that can rewire the relationship between thoughts and behaviors. 

  • Spiritual counseling evaluates the spiritual impact that beliefs and experiences have on the client who seeks to find alignment in daily experiences and a Biblical worldview. 

  • Whereas clinical counseling and therapy provide treatment plans, intervention through medication and various modalities of treatment, spiritual counseling progresses through a client-led development of the belief system. 

  • Spiritual counseling highlights the intersection of psychology, scripture, and emotional wellness creating a safe space to acknowledge disagreement with scripture and/or foster agreement where the client desires more understanding. 

Learn about Therapist-Led sessions


How does it work?


Sessions are trauma-informed and intentionally curated to safeguard clients from triggering experiences related to religious trauma and harmful doctrine. Sessions are guided by certified Trauma-Informed Spiritual Intervention counselors for analyzing and validating personal realities, conflicts and belief systems. Clients openly grapple with the human experience through responding to curiosity to increase in self-awareness and practice self-acceptance. Sessions are used to explore your belief system through belief mapping and analyzing personal history. Each session provides an opportunity to deconstruct and analyze interpretation of scripture and spiritual origins of present struggles. 

As you grow in your understanding of God, self, and your belief system, you are invited to explore the deeper psychological impacts of those experiences and rewire the psychological impacts through exploring trauma healing, healing your nervous system, and exploring more through talk therapy.

It's all working together.



"Feels like the Lord is unlocking another level. A lot more vivid dreams."

"Not having the same desires that I had pre-deliverance and new outlook on old desires."

“Despite the season of grief that I’m in now, I have a new sense of clarity."

Spiritual counseling made a tremendous impact on my understanding of who God is and how I relate to Him.

" I have grown in understanding my worth. I was raised in Christianity, but I didn’t know how big the rupture in my faith foundation was. Spiritual counseling helped heal the trauma and repair the legalistic, works-based bondage I was in so that I can truly take hold of the gospel of my salvation. My desire to know God and His character increased and that had a great impact on the time I started to spend in my word and in prayer getting to know God for myself. I also had a lot of limiting beliefs due to depression. God used the counseling sessions as one of the tools to uproot those beliefs and replace them with truth! I was also able to grow in forgiveness. I forgave myself and my parents for so many things that I had held on to for far too long. Through this forgiveness my expectancy and faith for better relationships began to blossom. There’s only so much I can attest to in a review of services, but no words can truly express the gratitude I have for the freedom and wisdom I’ve gained through my sessions."

- Jade



Faith-infused mental health education and therapy access for women of color. 

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